Enjoy Reef Fishing in Cairns on Holidays with Us

This holiday is the time to enjoy reef fishing in Cairns and fishing trips cairns with the one and only Cairns Charter Fishing. We have comfortable and large fishing vessels that are built for reef fishing. You can book a private reef tour or a shared one. You can go for a full day tour or even opt for a half-day one.  We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. With us, it is always an unforgettable experience.

When you go reef fishing in Cairns with us, we meet your expectations for chasing a wide range of fish in this tropical paradise. Some common reef species that are caught here are:

  • Red Emperor
  • Fingermark
  • Barracuda
  • Small and largemouth Nannygai
  • Cobia
  • Tuna
  • Coral and Barred Cheek Trout
  • Spanish, Spotted, School and Doggy Mackerel
  • Giant Trevally including Bludger, Tea Leaf, Golden species

The list is not limited to these. There are more varieties.

Get Onboard the Best Reef Fishing Charters in Cairns

The famous Great Barrier Reef houses more than 1400 known species of fish. It is made up of two thousand individual reefs running 1500 km along the eastern coastline of Queensland. It is home to numerous wrecks, tropical islands, diverse mangrove systems, isolated sand cays. The water, being sheltered by the reef system is always calm and crystal clear. You can go fishing either in the daytime or night or even both depending on your energy level.

For reef fishing charters in Cairns and deep sea charter fishing, we have the best vessels. They are spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate a small group of people. They have best-in-class navigation and safety systems. As per your requirement, we pack up water and food supplies especially in case of extended stays. Not to worry, but there are arrangements to take a rest maybe a small power nap if required, a cooking facility when you want to taste the delicious catch, big freezer to store fish.

Moreover, as a part of our crew, we have people who are locals. They are experienced and professional guides knowing the prime locations and accessibility to even less-travelled places in the reef for the best catch. Depending upon the weather and time, they will perfectly take you to the place to get your targeted fish.

Some of the popular fishing methods include:

  • Live/dead bait fishing
  • Jigging
  • Popper fishing
  • Lure fishing with surface lures
  • Bottom bounced fishing

Choose us for reef fishing charters in Cairns always. If you are asking why these are the reasons:

  • Take you to your preferred place of interest
  • An early kick-off time
  • Dedicated to your service giving the best experience
  • Affordable prices for shared and private charters
  • Best fishing trip for family and friends
  • Lots of fish to catch, pack and get back home

Things that we give for reef fishing in Cairns

  • All kinds of bait (dead, live, tackle)
  • Best quality fishing reels and rods
  • Water, refreshments and food

We request you to bring the following things:

  • A wide brim hat
  • Wear cotton clothes
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Of course, camera!

So, this holiday, plan for reef fishing in Cairns with Cairns Charter Fishing. We promise to make the time a memorable one.

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