Hire Private Fishing Charters for All Occasions

Hiring private fishing charters and fishing tours cairns is the best idea when you want to spend quality time with family or enjoy yourself with friends or colleagues amidst fishing and snorkelling. A private charter is best for celebrating any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, bucks parties, and any corporate events in a fun way with great memories.

Five reasons to hire private fishing charters in Cairns

Here are five reasons that will self-explain that getting a private charter is the best choice.

  1. Always gives a customised fishing experience: Tell us about your interests and we will design a trip to give you what you are looking for. Every group’s expectations and interests are different that does not give you an opportunity to enjoy fully. With private charters, we can focus and deliver a great experience.
  2. More fishing options: When there are more parties on a shared charter, it becomes difficult to agree on the location and target fish. Private fishing charters eliminate this. We can focus on your interests which gives you more flexibility with fish and location. The best thing is everyone feels included in the common goal.
  3. More fishing time:  You do not have to wait for someone else to come late or going back to bring something. You and your family arrive on time and set sail on time. You get more fishing time, can visit more locations, get more fish. You also get to spend more time with your group before saying goodbye. What can be best than this!
  4. The trip is in your control: With private fishing charters, the trip is in your control. You tell us where to go, we will go. You tell us what fish you want, we will take you to the best locations. Moreover, if you wish to stay sometime more in the sea or return early, you can always do that. It is your trip and the choice is yours.
  5. Avoid unexpected situations: Sometimes unwanted and unexpected situations may arise at sea. Some can fall sick or start feeling giddy. There is nothing to do apart from returning to the dock and lose time. Private fishing charters help you avoid this situation. You know your family best. Yet, please let us know in advance of any health issues that may arise.

Get Fishing Options with Our Private Charters in Cairns

Cairns Charter Fishing also gives you a list of fishing options to choose from. Have a look and choose the best for your family party or corporate event when opting for a private charter in Cairns

  • Full day snorkelling and fishing: Mix up your day with both snorkelling and fishing. We provide stinger suits, buoyancy vests, assorted and sized snorkelling gear. Let us know your requirements and accordingly, we will board the equipment.
  • 5 hours at Fitzroy Island over BBQ: Half day trip cruising around the island and going ashore. You can explore the island, snorkel and swim. Enjoy an awesome BBQ lunch with fish, salads and fruits. Gears will be included.
  • Full day fish, cook, snorkel: Gear up for some fishing in the morning and then heading to sand cay areas. Meanwhile, let our best cooks cook up some fish BBQ. After the delicious lunch, you can move to fish again or opt for snorkelling.

We also have a very special evening river cruise along the Cairns Inlet with a BBQ on Board.

Get Private Boat for Hire in Cairns for Major Fishing Locations

Hire a private charter in Cairns and head off to the major locations to get the best fish species. Here is where you can go.

  • River fishing at Mutchero Inlet: Also access Mulgrave and Russell Rivers. The best times to visit are from May to August to catch some Giant Trevally and Giant Queenfish.
  • Estuary fishing at Trinity Inlet: a paradise for sport-fishers and anglers. A great natural habitat for a variety of fishes due to snags, deep holes, mudflats, drop-offs.
  • Reef fishing at the Great barrier Reef: Look to catch some Giant Trevally here. Cast your lure or popper and see them diving deep smashing them with great speed.

Why get a private fishing charter in Cairns from us?

When you choose Cairns Charter Fishing to hire a private fishing charter and boat party cairns, you get only the best all-inclusive service.

  • Top-quality fishing rods, reels, tackle, bait, handline
  • Professional, experienced and friendly skipper and other crew
  • Tea, lunch and refreshments
  • Your catch, all cleaned and iced

Moreover, we also give you the following things:

  • Spacious and comfortable fishing vessels
  • Equipped with navigational and safety gears
  • Fish finding equipment on board
  • Air-conditioned cabins, swim platform, shaded back decking

Next time when you think about throwing a party, let it be different. Enjoy a good time fishing in Cairns with private fishing charters from Cairns Charter Fishing.

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